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B2B Lead Generation

Capturing Customers with Data

In order to accurately capture customers, we must analyze customers’ data and understand their preference, tendency, and environment. MRM analyzes contents and behavior, etc. in a multifaceted manner according to the diversifying customer needs and offers proposals to acquire new customers.

Platform, Framework, Customer Journey

Issues in B2B Sales Process

There are common issues that people in charge of B2B marketing have. We can also work together to offer consultation from the phase in which we organize where in the sales process they are struggling and clarify the issues.

marketing and Sales Process

Data silo
Since data is scattered throughout various lead management processes, you are unable to comprehend the overall picture of customers
Barrier between sales and marketing departments
Since the marketing department does not understand the important criteria for the sales department, they would not use the potential customer list that you provide
Contents development
You are unable to customize and provide the optimal contents for each customer. You are also unable to develop scenarios and contents to nurture customers
Appropriate channels
Since customers’ multi-channel contact history and behavior history are not comprehended, you are unable to promote communication in appropriate channels
Appropriate timing
You are unable to approach customers in appropriate timing with accurate comprehension of their situations, such as providing a list that is far from case formulation and providing a list immediately before case formulation is too late, etc.

B2B Marketing Goal

The ultimate goal for marketing is “increase in sales” just like the sales department. It is important to optimize the steps to determine what should be streamlined in what way in order to achieve the common goal by using customer journeys as the base.

Marketing Goal

Streamlining Processes by Integrally Managing Data

We streamline sales processes in an “End to End” manner by integrally managing data. MRM proposes data utilization measures to resolve issues and bottlenecking.

Centralized Data Management