To combine creativity and technology in ways

that transform our clients’ businesses.


We aim to make the complex simple and the simple compelling. It starts with a deep understanding of people and what matters to them from both a mindset and dataset perspective. So our conversations are anchored in rich intuition and insight. In today’s world, intuition has a powerful partner in data. That’s why we also rigorously interrogate the dataset, leveraging big data to drive deeper insight, predictability and performance. So we create experiences that matter to people and brands. This philosophy guides everything we do for you.

CXM – Customer Experience Management

Designing experiences with the focus on customers

MRM considers how customers will communicate with the brand and how the brand should be in order to connect and establish relationships with customers.
We must thoroughly consider communication in all aspects so that everything leads to good relationships between customers and the brand.
What companies need in this Age of the Customer is “Customer Obsession” (obsession toward customer satisfaction).

Our Concept Always Focuses on Customers

  • テクノロジーが人々の期待を変えカスタマージャーニーも同様に変化してきている
  • from B2C to C2B
  • exceed customer expectations
  • in the digital space and beyond

What We Can Do



  • Research and Intelligence
  • Brand Strategy
  • CRM Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Media Strategy


  • Brand Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Campaign Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Mobile Design
  • Experience Design
  • eCommerce Design
  • Social Media
  • Relationship Marketing


  • CMS Platforms
  • Commerce Platforms
  • CRM Platforms
  • DAM Platforms
  • Systems Integration
    and Maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Application Development
  • Technical Innovation


  • CRM Analysis Optimization
  • Website Analysis and
  • Campaign Analysis and
  • Social Media Analysis and
  • Mobile Analysis and Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
    and Optimization
  • Advanced Statistics

Necessity of What “Connects” the Marketing System

Customer journey of each user is diversified from the “purchase funnel”, which has turned consumer behavior processes into models. Therefore, these journeys are changing into “ubiquitous” journeys, which are not very transparent to companies. “Patchworks” are occurring in various layers of strategies on the company side that faces these journeys.

Coordination of marketing and system

In order to capture customer journeys and enhance customer experience quality to the maximum, MRM proposes “linking marketing and system” to connect and optimize these patchworks.
We will draw the path to issue solving/goal achievement based on the accurate definition of customers’ business requirements as to how we segment, which goal to approach, and which touch point to effectively utilize.

Services Provided by MRM

  • Find customers, nurture them, and lead potential customers to sales

    Lead Generation

  • Customer retention activation & relationship enhancement through multi-channels/devices

    CRM/Multi Channel

  • Establish a web platform that would realize consistent brand communication for customers