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Message from people at MRM.

Name: M , Business Leadership, 1st yr at MRM

"I focused on business development for web related projects at my last company. Now, having joined MRM, I am also learning about offline communication planning, including TV and Out-of-home advertising, which is both challenging and rewarding.

On top of professional growth, there is also a chance for personal growth through working with colleagues from various backgrounds."

Name: J, Communication Design Group, 3 yrs at MRM

I really like the MRM style that provides our clients with an essential solution to their marketing issues using a powerful combination of creative, technology and data. Furthermore, MRM has a great environment that allows us to grow through relationships with colleagues from many different cultural backgrounds.

Name: H, CRM & Data Analytics, 3 yrs at MRM

As part of the CRM and Data Analysis team, I provide analyses for a variety of clients, which in turn contiributes to creating solutions and developing new business.
Working in a multicultural environment also motivates me, with team members and clients coming from a variety of different backgrounds.
Our office is easily accessible and convenient with 3 subway lines directly connected to our office.
If you want to go out for a drink, there are many bars and restaurants nearby, and we have informal gatherings at one of them every month.
I think MRM is a unique place with so many opportunities for personal growth!

Name: K, Marketing Technology Group, 1st yr in MRM

I joined MRM for its uniqueness in bringing IT technology to marketing activities. We are a team of many nationalities which adds to the diverse set of experience which makes working with them an experience in itself. We also work closely with other companies within our corporate group, and do global business with a global team. It’s quite fascinating.

Name: Y, Production Management Group, 2 yrs at MRM

We constantly work together with the clients, guiding them to success. We gather the latest information and data, and demonstrate to our clients how to take advantage of it. I work with skilled team members that are passionate about their work and are constantly pushing themselves to new heights. It is a great environment that makes personal development possible.