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Requirements for the Web Platform

Websites have become necessary tools for companies. There have been many cases in which companies failed, due to the fact that they developed the websites without considering the requirements suitable for the market when they attempted to globally deploy. MRM analyzes various types of data and develops websites for domestic use and overseas use regardless of the scale. We respond to various requirements

  • Site structure based on customer's perspectives
  • Globally Unified Design
  • Smartphone/Tablet compatible
  • Rich contents

Web Positioning for Japanese and Global Brands

There is a difference in strategies before website building and utilization of the operation phase between Japanese and global brand sites.

  • Weak unification strategy
    UX design for each page
    Difficult to use and difficult to search
  • Promotion-like idea
    Still one-way (mass-like, newspaper-like) idea in which the amount of information is massive
  • Weak data utilization
  • Contents that lack attractions
    Short detention period, high abandonment rate
Global Brand
  • Strategically organize the roles expected from the web
    Clearly understand user motivation and improve loyalty by ensuring dialogues without fail
  • Unified UI/UX
    Switch information on the page for each user after commonization /standardization
  • Detailed log analysis - Design sites for each user’s target
  • Creatives and contents based on strategies
    Make information menu simple with less characters and easier guiding

MRM Global Web Development Services

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Content operation
  • Analysis

MRM's Strengths

  • Communication design based on CXM (customer perspective)
  • Globally competitive creatives
  • Development capabilities that simultaneously realize the front side and the back side
  • Capabilities/structure that can deploy projects on a global scale
  • Project management skills/structure based on results
  • 5D process/frameworks

5D Process/Frameworks

MRM possesses “useful” frameworks based on the best practice, which we have gained through our experience of building a number of global sites.

  • Milestones that are made common for all stakeholders
  • Guidelines and templates that have been unified for various countries
  • Swift development and structured process
  • QA process according to the agreed QA points

5D Process/Frameworks

We can minimize rework and extra work in later processes by starting the site designing after comprehending and adjusting the roles and needs of each stakeholder in major projects. MRM sometimes makes adjustments between each stakeholder.

MRM’s Global Web Building Approach

We promote the effort while organizing 3 aspects.

1. Organize the brand
  • How is the brand considered and how it wants to be considered in each country/region?
  • What are competitors’ positions?
  • How will you transmit messages?
2. Organize the communication
  • What kind of UI/UX is accepted by consumers?
  • What are the roles of the web/SNS in each country/region?
  • What is the digital literacy level of consumers in each country/region?
  • What is the device utilization rate of consumers in each country/region?
  • What kind of platform is ideal in order to communicate with consumers?
3. Organize the operation
  • What is the level of operation capabilities in distributors in each country/region?
  • What is the concept of production work, such as contents development and translation, etc.?
  • What is the concept of contents management and release management?